I am enough: Linley

My daughter saved my life. Thanksgiving 2019 was really hard for me. I had moved across the country the year before, away from everyone and every thing I knew. I lost my mom to ovarian cancer that March, and dealing with it all basically on my own drove me to the edge. I had just finished cooking dinner, which I’d been working on for two days to make sure the meal was perfect, when I got into a disagreement with my spouse that I blew out of proportion in my head. I was ready to go. I couldn’t find any reason to stay in my state of mind. I was seconds from ending it when my daughter called me from the other room. “Mama.” I knew right then and there that SHE was my reason. I decided to seek help in my crisis moment and now it’s most a year later and I am still choosing to wake up everyday and live. We are best friends. She’s the sidekick I didn’t know I needed. I’m making it a point now to remind her everyday how special and important she is, and how she is my greatest gift. 


If you ever feel like you have reached your crisis moment please call the suicide hotline (800)273-8255. 



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